Offerings with  Lady Stars and Fire, Michelle Espinosa
Offerings with  Lady Stars and Fire, Michelle Espinosa

Offerings with Lady Stars and Fire, Michelle Espinosa

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Catch Lady Stars and Fire every Tuesday at 10pm for her live radio podcast on, here we discuss connecting to the source, Shamanism, spirituality, mysticism, and other archaic techniques of ectasy. Hosts Lady Stars & Fire and Hill Hippie expore the universe and discuss Spirit, nature, each other and the divine.

Lady Stars and Fire, offers an array of readings. She is a Shamanic Practitioner and specializes in Astrology. Lady Stars and Fire will make it very easy for you to understand. She also offers rune casts, and card readings. She  offers readings by appointment via phone. Her most popular readings are:

Tarot and Rune Combination:  runes and any card decks that I am feeling drawn to.  

Runes Only- She will cast the Runes and email your guidance

Tarot Cards only

Appointment Astrology, The soulful and healing discovery of the true you. This is your personology/and or your natal/birth chart. This is done by appointment, by phone and will take about two hours.

When choosing a reading with Lady Stars and Fire  "I will send you what ever information I have received. I will work with both my runes and any card decks that I am feeling drawn to.  As I own utilize many decks. I will ask for guidance & council  in your life, that will bring positive results, blessings , healing and protective energies your way.  Whatever I receive you shall as well, rather from spirit personally, of any spiritual nature or just through the runes & cards. Readings typically take me over a hour to do.  Often being that I am a empath, Reiki practitioner, and studding shamanism- you will find my readings will come through in a way of helping you with heal rather emotionally, physically, mentally or even spiritually. I will bring to you what it is spirit directed me. 
I do not need any information from you other than your true name and the will to have a reading done.  As spirit , if it feels the need to share with us, will do so- period. "

Please see complete list of options in drop down bar. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. If you are looking for something different, please contact us.

**Readings will be emailed or via phone call depending on what you and  Michelle discuss, within 48 hours, unless otherwise arranged with your reader**

Michelle also hosts a podcast called Otherland Dreams, which streams live weekly and covers an array of topics. 

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