Intention Crystal Collections
Intention Crystal Collections
Intention Crystal Collections
Intention Crystal Collections

Intention Crystal Collections

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The following collections, are a grouping of crystals, put together for a specific purpose or season. 

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Love Crystal Collection- This is a must have for those who are in need of improving either self-love, or their relationships. 
ROSE QUARTZ - Unconditional love, kindness, friendship
AGATE - Abundance, generosity, appreciation of nature
CITRINE - Happiness, spiritual growth, pleasure
AMETHYST - Inner peace, healing of body mind and soul
QUARTZ - Harmony, healing, energy

Strength Crystal Collection- This grouping of crystals was put together with intentions for strengthening of spirit, mind and soul. Powerful healing properties found in each of these stones.
AGATE - Courage, strength, protection
AMETHYST - Stress relief, serenity, balance
CITRINE - Success, good fortune, wealth, prosperity
AMAZONITE - Honor, integrity, trust
QUARTZ - Harmony, clarity, calmness

Old Earth Crystal Collection. This group features fossilized specimens of things that were once living, millions of years ago on the 'Old Earth'. The shapes and patterns of these creatures and plants have been replaced by stones and crystals over millions of years, forever immortalizing their beauty. For those of you who are connected to element of Earth, or looking to strengthen your connection to the Earth element, this is a must have!
AMMONITE - 240 to 65 million years old
ORTHOCERAS - 400+ million years old
POLISHED GONIATITE - 390 to 139 million years old
PETRIFIED WOOD - 200+ million years old

Serenity Crystal Collection. This group was put together to promote peace, serenity and clarity.. PYRITE - Energizing, nourishing, optimism
LABRADORITE - Calming, clarity, transformation
MOONSTONE - Inner growth, spiritual insight, hope
AGATE - Emotional balance, acceptance, courage
TOURMALINE QUARTZ - Spiritual grounding, deflection of negative energy, clear thinking.